Four Coral Reefs To Explore In The Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is a chain of volcanic islands in the South Pacific, located east of Papua New Guinea and North of Australia. The words alone ‘Solomon Islands’ conjure up images of an idyllic ocean paradise, an exotic, culturally rich country just waiting to be discovered.

Visually the islands are fringed by palm trees, powdery white sand, and vibrant coral reefs. The underwater world of the Solomon Islands is an endless playground for scuba divers, underwater photographers, and coral enthusiasts like me! Whether you’re planning your dream expedition or just exploring your passion for the ocean we’ve put together this list of four coral reefs you can explore while visiting the Solomon Islands.

Mbigo Mbigo Reef – Munda

All about the Isopora Again and again, throughout Solomon Island, the Isopora corals stood out, but nowhere was as lovely as the Mbigo Mbigo reef. The reef sites right beneath a cliff face and swell washed rhythmically over the corals causing the Isopora closest to show to take on a more smooth plating shape.

Shallow Isopora habitat VIDEO

Sand Island – Tavanipupu Island Resort

A truly unique snorkel spot you simply must visit in the Solomons is Sand Island. Sand Island is located a short boat ride away from the Tavanipupu Island Resort on the eastern coast of the island of Guadalcanal.

The corals around sand island consist of large patches of branching Acropora and of course some strong sturdy Isopora. All the corals in the habitat are thick and strong, as they help to buffer the coastline of this tiny sand patch protecting it from waves.

Sand Island VIDEO

Secret Spot – Uepi  Island Resort

Uepi Island has a whole list of dive spots to explore but one of our favorites is the diverse corals are secret spot reef. Uepi Island is located next to Morovo lagoon and they are suitable for all levels of snorkelers and scuba divers.

This dive site features stunning deep blue drop-offs up to shallow coral-filled reef tops, the corals grow so well here they nearly break the surface of the water.

Secret Spot VIDEO

Simon’s Nature Reserve

Simon’s Nature Reserve is a gem for all coral lovers and a must-see destination is you’re staying in the sandfly passage Solomon Islands, north of Nggela Island, located near the Tulagi Raiders Hotel. This coral paradise is a labor of love fifteen years in the making and a true testament to the power of long-term coral conservation.
Simon’s Nature Reserve VIDEO


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